A Broader View of Gyms


With this new entry I want to provide a broader view of the concept of weight training and the concept that most people tend to have about gyms.

A fairly common mistake is usually to associate training in the gym with the bodybuilding trend and training aimed at muscle hypertrophy; However, this is only one current among many others where heavy material is used (bars, weights, discs …).

I consider it necessary to provide a more comprehensive approach to the different styles of strength training so that the concept of "the weights" and the gym go beyond what society often tries to sell us.

From my point of view, a good strength coach or Strength Coach is one who knows how to select the best from each of these currents and add variants or exercises that complete them, without neglecting or overvaluing any of them as they can all give us something. interesting.

 "Weight training" from a more technical perspective is called STRENGTH TRAINING or STRENGTH TRAINING and as I mentioned previously it encompasses various currents and styles of training.

Here is a brief description of the best known styles:

  • Bodybuilding or Bodybuilding : Oriented to the improvement of the physique and body composition, seeking to achieve the greatest possible definition and symmetry in the musculature.
  • Powerlifting:  Oriented to improve strength and move more and more weight in 3 basic strength exercises (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift).
  • Weightlifting  or Olympic Weightlifting : Oriented towards improving power in two lifts: Snatch and Two-Stroke (Clean & Jerk).
  • Strongman : Oriented towards the improvement of physical conditioning in the different events of Strongman: stone lifting, truck drag, truck wheel lifting …
  • Martial arts mixed or Mixed Martial Arts : Geared towards improving fitness to fight.
  •  Specific training for a sport  or Sport Specific Training:  Oriented to improve the qualities of acceleration, maximum speed, jumping power, agility, rotational power, physical conditioning … which will lead to a noticeable increase in performance in a specific sport.
  • Crossfit : Oriented to perform exercises belonging to different disciplines such as weightlifting, gymnastics, athletics and resistance, targeting a certain number of repetitions, time or rounds (AMRAP, EMOM …) 
  • Calisthenics or Calisthenics :  Oriented to perform exercises using your own body weight as resistance.
  •  Surely now your concept of gyms has gone a little further and you have a broader vision of the multiple and diverse possibilities that can be realized within it.  In a gym there are infinite options if you have a suitable material and minimum space; We can find a person who is with an Olympic bar training the snatch technique, another person on a machine doing isolated exercises in order to gain muscle hypertrophy, another person doing a WOD or another doing specific training to improve their sport. …
  • Everyone who chooses and chooses the option or options that best suit their lifestyle and allow them to achieve their goal, it is clear that a normal gym user will always try to imitate these currents since they will never behave like a professional individual or act with a competitive purpose; It has nothing to do with a Powerlifter, Weightlifter or professional Bodybuilder with a person who goes to the gym to improve their weights in the basics, gain muscle hypertrophy, gain power to improve their sport, practice the Olympics technique or simply improve their condition fit at the muscular and aerobic level.
  • Let us be aware of the richness and diversity that the same place and the same material can encompass and we do not limit ourselves to just crossing it off as a terrain of aesthetics and appearance.


About the author:

Ana Tenllado  is a National Strength and Conditioning Coach

Association (NSCA), Graduated in Physical Activity Sciences and

Sport and Personal Trainer in the Activa Club Valencia gym.

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