Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017


Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017

 We continue with our coverage of the Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017, an event with great success in terms of public influx and attendee satisfaction. Today, among other things, the Meeting with the fans event was held , in which the great character around whom this whole event revolves, Arnold Schwarzenegger , spoke to a group of followers in a private meeting inaccessible to the press of a hour duration.

The long-awaited Meeting with the fans, which we attended last year as an audience, started with the winner of the Bodybuilding Pro Show, so before seeing Arnold the audience had a “tête à tête” with the Kuwaiti winner of the contest , the huge Mamdouh " Big Ramy " Elssbiay.

Mamdouh Big Ramy Elssbiay
The impressive fairground is of gigantic proportions, and the event has all kinds of shows, marking, presentations, activities, exhibitions and entertainments. Starting with the adrenaline rush that already gives you entering such a huge space to the rhythm of the music, as my partner commented yesterday in his chronicle , is that the general atmosphere is absorbing, even attractive. Wherever you look your retina captures a striking brand logo, an impressive sports vehicle, a group of attractive hostesses (or burly gymnasts), a stand that gives something away or a show of strength or skill.

Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017
With a stage for Demonstrations or boybuilding competitions at each end, scheduled activities, seminars, master classes, exhibitions and championships are completed with other disciplines. The venue includes, for example, to vertical stage for exercises bar, pole dance called, as part of the Pole Arnold Spain competition. From cheerleaders to fencing, through judo, volleyball, pulses … More than 40 sports Modalities That Make the Arnold Classic Europe the largest multi-sport event in Europe.


As fans of the cinema That we are, we highlight the surprise That in a side aisle of the huge ship in Which esta Entire festival, the so-called Fira 2 in Hospitalet, Barcelona, ​​is located, We Have Been Able to find , a little apart and discreetly Placed, a curious stand dedicated to Terminator, with an impressive motorcycle, a part of the mythical arcade machine dedicated to the Terminator 2 movie, as well as a figure of the famous character and a poster and other related objects .

Right next to this small stand, this cornered temple for fans of “the other” Arnold, there was also the only other reference to the world of cinema, in the form of a small montage with makeup and props. Really very curious to find this little corner for geeks in the middle of the sea of ​​power, splendor and brand image that overflows the rest of the expo.

Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017
Arnold has taken advantage of Also His visit to our country to visit the Camp Nou and the FC Barcelona club museum Also, in Addition to posing with a shirt, courtesy of the club, Which bore His name. The former governor of California was photographed Together with the vice president of the Institutional Area, Carles Vilarrubí:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Classic Europe at Barcelona
In short, a great experience that we hope to have continuity in the city of Barcelona and certainly, if so, we can go see the event grow as more and more. The truth is that the volume of public, in addition to advertising in the city, has been impressive. Hardly appear in the media, on a weekend bridge in the city used to be emptied, and in a particularly festive setting in the center of the city, the Arnold Classic Europe has attracted a large audience of Barcelona and surroundings, so I predict a brilante future. For our part we hope to return next to an event that has already become indispensable year.

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Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2017

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