Aerobics Two Models of Intervals to Burn More Fat in Less Time

More fat for less exercise time, that’s what intervals are about. Now, the key to intervals to be effective is to give your all for your whole in very short periods of time. If you do it right you will only need three weekly cardio sessions of 20 minutes and your body fat percentage will reach incredible numbers. There are different variations of intervals that can be applied to most traditional methods of aerobic training ( tapes of running , elliptical, bike , go running , rowing, etc). Today we are going to show you two, one very effective for anyone who already exercises and the other for people of an intermediate level to

How do you do it? The 6/9 method

below , or for someone who has never tried interval training.

One of the most effective methods. The numbers refer to the seconds that an interval lasts and in this case they mean that you give your all for the whole for six seconds, and then you reduce the intensity to around 50-60% for nine seconds. Of course, this cycle is not done just once, but continues to be done for as long as you can. This method will work for anyone who starts it and stays constant doing it. You will definitely notice a difference over time.

For example you get on a bicyclefixed (remember that it is done with any form of cardio) and heat for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once you warm up the intensity starts, you start with a maximum sprint for 6 seconds. Then you drop to 50%, 60% of maximum effort for 9 seconds. Immediately you go for another 6 seconds to the maximum to rest another 9.

You do 4 intervals of 15 seconds for each minute (6 intense plus 9 recovery) and you keep doing it for as long as you can. You just have to make sure you give your maximum during the 6 seconds of the sprint. It’s okay if you can only do it for a few minutes the first few times. Among other things, training in this way will improve your physical condition and endurance so that over time you will be able to do more.

The 30/30 method

This method was one of the first to start the intervals. Strictly speaking, you can’t really go all for everything for 30 seconds, and if you do, it is almost certain that you are not giving the maximum effort during those 30 seconds. For this reason, over time the HIIT has been perfected and the high intensity numbers have been taken to shorter ones. Some practice 30/60 routines to promote recovery, but the maximum intensity time is still high.

Why do we show you this method then? Because it is ideal for beginners or for people who have never done intervals before. These long 30 second intervals can be useful to you if that is the case. You’ll want to start here if you’re not used to high intensity in your cardio training. Then you can start reducing those intervals and try more efficient intervals of the 6/9 or 8/12 style.

Why do intervals work?

When you’re doing your best, your body produces more of a compound called catecholamine that works like a trigger for your body to start burning fat. But not only that, if the intensity is correct then the fat burning process will last longer. That is why you will want to do intervals, to burn more fat and for a longer time.

How to achieve maximum results – Bring out your wildest side

When it comes to eating to build a muscular body in the gym, there is a lot of controversy. Most trainers in the past recommended diets absurdly high in carbohydrates (60% or more), to do a “bulking phase”, in which your body was transformed into that of a suckling pig prepared for slaughter. To later define and practically stay the same as at the beginning. Remember that what is really going to build muscle are proteins, accompanied by the adequate supply of hydrates and not the other way around. It is preferable to increase our muscles as clean as possible out of season, keeping during these months an acceptable 15-20% fat.
These old and wrong ways of eating are far from what a natural athlete should do and belong more to the widespread drug-bodybuilding .
Another big mistake that is usually made is eating immediately before training or even while training! (I have seen it), in the absurd paranoia that we are going to catabolize, lose muscle and we are not going to give enough.
When we eat food in our body, a series of processes are activated and above all some systems that I will explain next, I will try to be as brief as possible and not give you the badge.
Our Nervous SystemIt acts as a functional unit, but we will divide it into three parts to understand it better.
The SN is divided into the Central Snow System , which is in charge of receiving stimuli from the interior and exterior of the body and controlling muscle movements. Peripheral Nervous System , which in short reach all sectors of the body, activate the muscles by orders of the CNS and transmit impulses to the nerve centers. Finally, the Autonomous Nervous System , which is where I wanted to go. This is responsible for regulating the functions that are carried out unconsciously, such as the digestive processes.
SNA is divided into two parts, the sympathetic SNSand the parasympathetic SN . The first participates in emergency situations, dilates the pupils, increases blood pressure, etc … is the one that is activated in fight or flight situations , which I always compare to weight training. The second acts in moments of relaxation and rest, increases the mobility of the digestive tract, dilates the blood vessels, etc … Therefore, we are going against what our body was designed for, this only has two possible ends, one that we do not train as well as we can, the other that we feel bad food (I saw it countless times). am more inclined to make small meals on training days, eating a good amount of fatty foods, such as eggs, avocados, salmon, etc …boost testosterone and some carbohydrates. It is true that this new panorama for our body needs a time of adaptation, but in my experience the results are very positive and your brands surpass one training after another, you really train wildly, taking out the Neanderthal that you carry inside.
It is after training and the following days when you must eat like a beast and above all leave the necessary days for your body to build muscle and achieve supercompensation.
Therefore, if you do not want to train on an empty stomach, or you want to do it with something in your stomach, you should at least leave two or three hours to take advantage of the anabolic effects of food, which have been estimated between 2-4 hours, for therefore the food ingested three hours before will be circulating in the blood and ready for training.

Linear Race of The Camino de Ronda-Vall d’Aro Run Series

 Platja d'aro. Linear Race of the Camino de Ronda-Vall d'Aro Run Series

Camino de Ronda Linear Race, Sunday, October 7 with departure from the Paseo Marítimo de Sant Antoni de Calonge (Torre Valentina) and arrival at the Racó Beach in S'Agaró, with a 10 km route with constant differences in stairs. , all types of pavements, dirt paths and beach sand. Individual start (10 h) and every 30 seconds following the order of ascending bib. As the race does not have a circular route, a bus service has been enabled from the end point to the starting point (9.30 am). This is the third proposal of the Vall d'Aro Run Series 2018 (, which, after three editions, takes over the old denomination Running League.

A proposal that combines sports with the discovery of the natural environment of the municipality with four similar technical profiles that pass through forests or the seafront, which are not very popular with tourism An initiative of the Sports Department of the Castell-Platja d'Aro Town Hall and timeXcurses. You can take part in the four races, several or just one, open to both top athletes and those who want to enjoy it from a more popular side, running or walking. The last race of this year is La Clàssica-March de Platja d'Aro, Sunday, October 21 (9am), with a route of 20 km. The first test was La Nocturna (September 1) and the second, La Cursa de l'Escurçó (September 9).

Registrations, limited to a maximum of 400 people, are open online at until Friday, October 5 (€ 15 for running and € 12 for walking). They can also be done, if there are places available, on the same day (8.15 to 9.15 h) at the Racó Beach. The pick-up number is Saturday, October 6 at Decathlon Platja d'Aro (6pm) or on the same day of the race, up to half an hour before the start (it is essential to present proof of payment). Registration includes insurance, gift and final refreshment. In relation to the awards there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd absolute prizes (female and male); 1st Prize for the best local athlete (female and male); and the older participant (male and female). Minors must submit permission from their parents or guardian. The number-chip must be always visible, placed on the front of the chest and without any manipulation. Animals are not allowed to run.

For the Vall d'Aro Run Series 2018 global rankings and thus to establish the 1st, 2nd and 3rd classified female and male awards, all races are scored and points are distributed to each participant (between 150 and 5 from the first to 28th place, and one point for everyone else), taking into account the highest number of points and the presence in all four races. The company Marisch Cotcho, Decathlon Platja d'Aro, Cosmopolita Hotel-Boutique, Costa Brava Adventure Park, Aro Bowling, La Torrada, Minigolf & Tennis Valldaro, Naturefun Costa Brava and Camping & Bungalows collaborate in the organization. Valldaro Resort.

The weekend sports activity in the municipality but is completed with the 10th Castell-Platja d'Aro Aquatlon on Saturday, October 6 (4pm) in the Riuet area of ​​Platja Gran, open to federated and non-federated athletes – by previous registration – they will have to go through three stages: 2.5 km on foot, 1 km on swim and again 2.5 km on foot ( The following day, Sunday, October 7 (8-18 pm), the Platja d'Aro Sports and Congress Center, hosts the Catalan Championship in physical culture, bodybuilding and fitness, with various categories and modalities of the specialty (http: // : //

The Illegal Miracle Against Erectile Dysfunction

 The illegal 'miracle' against erectile dysfunction

  • The Civil Guard pursues in Malaga the marketing of Kamagra a cheap and prohibited version of Viagra

Kamagra containers operated by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga.Kamagra containers operated by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga.

Kamagra containers operated by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga. 

In Spain the best-known medicine to treat erectile dysfunction is called Viagra. Its active ingredient is sildenafil citrate and its marketing is fully authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. But its price, at least about 85 euros for just four pills, does not make it suitable for all budgets. The cheap alternative that many are choosing to access this product comes from India, it is known as Kamagra and its sale is not allowed.

Still, sports nutrition centers, gyms, sex shops and, above all, individuals through web portals for buying and selling the internet have become the main distributors of this unauthorized medicine in Spain, which is raging especially among young people for its low price.


The Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Guardia Civil in Málaga has been closely following these illegal vendors for a long time, who face fines of between 30,000 and 60,000 euros as the commercialization of these prohibited products is considered as a serious infraction in Law 29/2006 of Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines, and it is the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in charge of enforcing it.

Only in the last year have there been four interventions that the team of the chief sergeant of the Seprona patrol in Malaga, Carlos Plaja, has carried out in the province for the sale of Kamagra. Some 500 doses of this product, which is marketed in tablets and also in gel sachets with different flavors, have been intervened in these four operations that took place in Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara.

Two of them were in a sports nutrition store and a sex shop, respectively, and the other two to individuals who sold this drug, which is manufactured in India, where it is authorized online. Like Viagra, it is indicated to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension, although with a large price difference. In its original form, each pill or envelope is purchased at one euro and is usually sold from seven euros here.

A relatively simple and highly profitable business that is increasingly encouraging people to risk selling it. According to Plaja, the two channels of entry into Spain are by private luggage through airports or by direct mail from India after placing orders online. "Buyers, either for their own consumption or to market it later, usually pay for the merchandise first through money agencies and once here they sell it as an extra source of earning money."

Proof of this is that the profile of the seller is usually a young man between 22 and 32 years old who have their own work outside this illegal parallel business. The usual profile of the consumer of this medicine brought from India is also striking because in most cases they are young people, usually between 20 and 30 years old, and many of them linked to weight sport or bodybuilding because the Excessive consumption of anabolics can cause erectile dysfunction problems.

It is the reason, explained the head of the Seprona patrol in Malaga, that in many cases it is in sports nutrition centers or in gyms "where we have found doses of this illegal medicine and that it can have serious health effects if not it's prescribed by a doctor. "

Bodybuilding The ABC’s of Beginner Routines are so many benefits of all kinds in the practice of weight training, that if you are newcomers to this activity, let me congratulate you first of all for the decision . Most of those who start training do it in a gym under the supervision of a qualified monitor, but this is not the case for everyone.

Some do it on their own and others cannot constantly count on the supervision of a coach . So let me go over the ABC routines beginners because this is the road route you should all follow.

Especially on the subject of training I like to apply a maxim: simplicity. After many years of experience and having met, sometimes quite closely, numerous iron champions, I have concluded that it is best to follow basic and simple programs to achieve maximum physical development. But if this is true even at advanced levels , it certainly becomes more relevant in the early stages.

The massification of many exercise centers, which prevents individual monitoring, along with the basic ignorance of beginners and their exacerbated enthusiasm for progress, makes many of the newcomers to the iron discipline engage in routines that far from helping them to Progress constitutes a burden that prevents them from advancing optimally.

Therefore, I consider it extremely important that this group does not lose sight of which routines are the most convenient for them.

The ABC of the routines, or what is the same as the beginner's routines A, B and C
To begin with, I am of the opinion that all those who start training for the first time, as well as those who do it after a long time of inactivity, they should start with a full-body exercise program performed three alternate days per week , for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This routine A can be followed for a month for those who have spent a long time without training and up to three months for those who touch the irons for the first time in their lives.

After that initial stage of contact with the weights, I suggest moving to a routine that divides the body into two days , therefore all groups will train in two sessions and then go from three to four days of weekly training, in this case you train the Monday and Tuesday, you rest on Wednesday and repeat on Thursday and Friday, resting on the weekend. Then you will have gone from training three days to four weekly and each group three to two times in that period, but in revenge you will do more exercises on the body part.

This routine can perfectly last another three months and then go to C , that is, a division of the body in three sessions, so you can dedicate more exercises to each area. This routine can be applied by training four days a week, which allows you to alternate the days so that what you train on Monday you repeat on Friday, or even depending on your time availability, apply it only three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This distribution allows you to train very hard, but rest enough for the muscles to grow well. Believe it or not, there are quite a few advanced bodybuilders who return to this basic off-season routine.

Don't be in a hurry, follow the foundations step by step.
Remember that patience is a virtue in bodybuilding. Start gently, you will have to pass the shoelaces and gradually increase the load and intensity of work . Follow routines A, B and C here exposed, because they constitute the essential ABC of every beginner.
Good luck.

Routine A (whole body)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Tummy tucks, 4x 15-20
  • Squats, 4x 8-10
  • Deadlift with stiff legs, 3x 8-10
  • Dorsal latch on pulley, 4x 8-10
  • Bench press, 4x 8-10
  • Military press, 4x 8-10
  • Curl with bar, standing, 4x 10
  • Triceps Pulley Extensions , 4x 8-10
  • Hanging leg raises, 4x 12-15

Routine B (divided into 2 days)

Day 1 (Back, chest and shoulders)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Tummy tucks, 4x 15-20
  • Dorsal latch on pulley, 4x 8-10
  • Inclined paddle with bar , 4x 8-10
  • Hyperextensions, 3x 10-12
  • Bench press, 4x 8-10
  • Dumbbell openings, 4x 8-10
  • Military press, 4x 8-10
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 4x 8-10
  • Hanging leg raises, 4x 12-15

Day 2 (Legs, biceps and triceps)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Tummy tucks, 4x 15-20
  • Squats, 4x 8-10
  • Leg press, 3x 8-10
  • Lying leg flex, 4x 8-10
  • Heel lift, 4x 10-12
  • Curl with bar, standing, 4x 10
  • Alternate curl, 4x 8-10
  • Triceps Pulley Extensions, 4x 8-10
  • Barbell Triceps Extension, 4x 8-10
  • Hanging leg raises, 4x 12-15

Routine C (divided into 3 days)

Day 1 (Legs and abs)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Squats, 4x 8-10
  • Leg press, 4x 8-10
  • Leg extensions, 4x 10-12
  • Lying leg flex, 4x 8-10
  • Deadlift on stiff legs, 3x 8-10
  • Standing heel lift, 4x 10-12
  • Seated heel lift, 4x 10-12
  • Tummy tucks, 4x 15-20
  • Hanging leg raises, 4x 12-15
  • Bench Leg Shrugs, 4x 10-12

Day 2 (Chest, shoulders and biceps)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Bench press, 4x 8-10
  • Incline press, 4x 8-10
  • Dumbbell openings, 4x 8-10
  • Seated Military Press, 4x 8-10
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 4x 8-10
  • Inclined Side Raises, 4x 8-10
  • Barbell Biceps Curl, 4x 8-10
  • Preacher Curl, 4x 8-10

Day 3 (Back and triceps)

  • 5 minute warm-up by bike
  • Tummy tucks, 4x 15-20
  • Dominated, 4x 8-10
  • Inclined paddle with bar, 4x 8-10
  • One Arm Rowing, Dumbbell, 4x 8-10
  • Hyperextensions, 3x 10-12
  • Behind the head extensions, 4x 8-10
  • Pulley extensions, 4x 8-10
  • Funds between banks, 3x 10-12
  • Hanging leg raises, 4x 12-15