When it comes to eating to build a muscular body in the gym, there is a lot of controversy. Most trainers in the past recommended diets absurdly high in carbohydrates (60% or more), to do a “bulking phase”, in which your body was transformed into that of a suckling pig prepared for slaughter. To later define and practically stay the same as at the beginning. Remember that what is really going to build muscle are proteins, accompanied by the adequate supply of hydrates and not the other way around. It is preferable to increase our muscles as clean as possible out of season, keeping during these months an acceptable 15-20% fat.
These old and wrong ways of eating are far from what a natural athlete should do and belong more to the widespread drug-bodybuilding .
Another big mistake that is usually made is eating immediately before training or even while training! (I have seen it), in the absurd paranoia that we are going to catabolize, lose muscle and we are not going to give enough.
When we eat food in our body, a series of processes are activated and above all some systems that I will explain next, I will try to be as brief as possible and not give you the badge.
Our Nervous SystemIt acts as a functional unit, but we will divide it into three parts to understand it better.
The SN is divided into the Central Snow System , which is in charge of receiving stimuli from the interior and exterior of the body and controlling muscle movements. Peripheral Nervous System , which in short reach all sectors of the body, activate the muscles by orders of the CNS and transmit impulses to the nerve centers. Finally, the Autonomous Nervous System , which is where I wanted to go. This is responsible for regulating the functions that are carried out unconsciously, such as the digestive processes.
SNA is divided into two parts, the sympathetic SNSand the parasympathetic SN . The first participates in emergency situations, dilates the pupils, increases blood pressure, etc … is the one that is activated in fight or flight situations , which I always compare to weight training. The second acts in moments of relaxation and rest, increases the mobility of the digestive tract, dilates the blood vessels, etc … Therefore, we are going against what our body was designed for, this only has two possible ends, one that we do not train as well as we can, the other that we feel bad food (I saw it countless times). am more inclined to make small meals on training days, eating a good amount of fatty foods, such as eggs, avocados, salmon, etc …boost testosterone and some carbohydrates. It is true that this new panorama for our body needs a time of adaptation, but in my experience the results are very positive and your brands surpass one training after another, you really train wildly, taking out the Neanderthal that you carry inside.
It is after training and the following days when you must eat like a beast and above all leave the necessary days for your body to build muscle and achieve supercompensation.
Therefore, if you do not want to train on an empty stomach, or you want to do it with something in your stomach, you should at least leave two or three hours to take advantage of the anabolic effects of food, which have been estimated between 2-4 hours, for therefore the food ingested three hours before will be circulating in the blood and ready for training.