Increased Controls Are Planned at Local Gyms


Increased controls are planned at local gyms

The expanded meeting of councilors and officials deepened the study of modifications to Ordinance No. 12,215, which regulates the authorization and operating conditions of establishments or premises intended for teaching or practicing physical and / or sports activities.

With the modifications foreseen in the new ordinance, the aim is to prevent injuries, illnesses or consequences in these practices.

With the modifications foreseen in the new ordinance, the aim is to prevent injuries, illnesses or consequences in these practices.

With the aim of contributing to a new article, from the Municipal Undersecretariat for Sport and Recreation they released some of the guidelines to be taken into account when drafting it. One of the items that was emphasized was the need to raise awareness among those who practice sports to avoid injuries, illnesses or sequelae.

The possibility of incorporating the figure of the Technical Director, who will be in charge of a physical education teacher, was also raised in order to carry out a control of the activities that take place there.

It was proposed that the user should complete a medical history questionnaire, which allows detecting risk factors, as well as sports history. Other topics they considered of importance are the development of first aid courses and the creation of a registry of establishments for instructors and teachers, as control measures.

For their part, the representatives of the College of Physical Education Professionals of Salta, stressed that the standard should be inclusive, proposing that instructors obtain training certified by the institution. Regarding the different sports disciplines, they exposed the need to categorize them according to their intensity, medium, high, low and combat. This classification will establish the requirements linked to health studies.

Meanwhile, from the Chamber of Physical Activity Companies, the Martial Arts Association, the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of Salta, they coincided in highlighting the importance of carrying out the training of the staff of these establishments, in order that those who teach the different disciplines are suitable for this role.

They were also asked to consider the differences between gyms, sports clubs, rental courts, or public spaces. For its part, the College of Pharmacists requested greater control in relation to the marketing of dietary supplements. 

The president of the Salta Cardiology Society, Jorge Secchi, was also present, who highlighted the favorable advantage of taking advantage of a person's physical activity for medical studies. For his part, the vice president of the institution, Facundo Iñiguez, stated that the preparation of a medical history questionnaire allows locating risk factors. 

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