More fat for less exercise time, that’s what intervals are about. Now, the key to intervals to be effective is to give your all for your whole in very short periods of time. If you do it right you will only need three weekly cardio sessions of 20 minutes and your body fat percentage will reach incredible numbers. There are different variations of intervals that can be applied to most traditional methods of aerobic training ( tapes of running , elliptical, bike , go running , rowing, etc). Today we are going to show you two, one very effective for anyone who already exercises and the other for people of an intermediate level to

How do you do it? The 6/9 method

below , or for someone who has never tried interval training.

One of the most effective methods. The numbers refer to the seconds that an interval lasts and in this case they mean that you give your all for the whole for six seconds, and then you reduce the intensity to around 50-60% for nine seconds. Of course, this cycle is not done just once, but continues to be done for as long as you can. This method will work for anyone who starts it and stays constant doing it. You will definitely notice a difference over time.

For example you get on a bicyclefixed (remember that it is done with any form of cardio) and heat for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once you warm up the intensity starts, you start with a maximum sprint for 6 seconds. Then you drop to 50%, 60% of maximum effort for 9 seconds. Immediately you go for another 6 seconds to the maximum to rest another 9.

You do 4 intervals of 15 seconds for each minute (6 intense plus 9 recovery) and you keep doing it for as long as you can. You just have to make sure you give your maximum during the 6 seconds of the sprint. It’s okay if you can only do it for a few minutes the first few times. Among other things, training in this way will improve your physical condition and endurance so that over time you will be able to do more.

The 30/30 method

This method was one of the first to start the intervals. Strictly speaking, you can’t really go all for everything for 30 seconds, and if you do, it is almost certain that you are not giving the maximum effort during those 30 seconds. For this reason, over time the HIIT has been perfected and the high intensity numbers have been taken to shorter ones. Some practice 30/60 routines to promote recovery, but the maximum intensity time is still high.

Why do we show you this method then? Because it is ideal for beginners or for people who have never done intervals before. These long 30 second intervals can be useful to you if that is the case. You’ll want to start here if you’re not used to high intensity in your cardio training. Then you can start reducing those intervals and try more efficient intervals of the 6/9 or 8/12 style.

Why do intervals work?

When you’re doing your best, your body produces more of a compound called catecholamine that works like a trigger for your body to start burning fat. But not only that, if the intensity is correct then the fat burning process will last longer. That is why you will want to do intervals, to burn more fat and for a longer time.