Jumbo Introduces Sportswear Collection With Designer José Jhan

 More than fifteen pieces of interchangeable sports clothes for men make up the new line of the Dominican designer, which in addition to being used for exercise, are also everyday outfits.


Santo Domingo, RD.- Jumbo unveiled the first “Let's Get Physical” collection by the famous Dominican designer José Jhan, who with Mondino, his own brand from that chain of stores in the CCN group, created this men's line inspired by the revolution in the sportswear from the mid 80s, highlighting the glamorous, sophisticated and casual details.


This collection plays with overlapping line cuts, features used in almost all of this designer's proposals, and comes in citrus and neon-mounted colors, with basic long-sleeved sweater patterns, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirts, long pants and shorts in basic colors such as blue, black and gray shades.


The presentation was held this Tuesday, January 12, in the textile area of ​​the Jumbo branch of Luperón Avenue, with the words of its marketing manager, Cony Taveras and designer José Jhan. It was attended by executives, clients of Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) and Jumbo, related by José Jhan, as well as bloggers, fashionistas and personalities linked to the world of fashion.


Jumbo's marketing manager, Cony Taveras, highlighted that this chain of stores has achieved a strong position in the textile area in these 14 years, largely attributed to its commitment to fashion and support to national designers. About the “Let's Get Physical” collection José Jhan indicated “this line is very complete since it has more than 15 interchangeable pieces, which I presented in the last edition of Dominicana Moda, which revolve around the clothing revolution sports from the mid-80s, in which the glamorous, sophisticated and casual was what it evoked, "said Jhan.

He explained that “during that decade it was not necessarily necessary to carry out any sports activity or possess an athletic figure to use this type of clothing, it was all a matter of style, but in recent years we have seen different garments that were previously used only to practice some discipline, have become part of the daily wardrobe ".

He said that “following the patterns, cuts and assemblies of that innovative, modern and avant-garde proposal, it is born and presented in the Dominican market, for the first time from the union of the Mondino brand, CCN's own brand, this collection that is signed as Mondino by José Jhan Sportswear ”.

José Jhan added that “the 80s saw the aerobics and gyms that arose almost weekly on the planet and the passion for bodybuilding was experienced, something that had been considered a crude, vulgar or in bad taste sport, but today it is a high performance discipline that has taken a lot of prominence in our country ”.

"Let's Get Physical will transport us to those days where the exercised body and narcissism were the protagonists, something that is happening today, physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but rather it is the basis of intellectual, creative and mental dynamic activity ”, indicated the fashion specialist.

Lastly, he highlighted that “this collection is a tribute inspired by the body, soul, mind and lifestyle that allows us to be and look good with ourselves, being health what makes you feel that right now is the best time of year to take control. ”

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