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 Cultugym is a blog for people who like the fantastic sport of irons, especially we will focus on it from a natural point of view, since my main objective is your health. We will solve doubts, we will post photos, videos, interesting reports on bodybuilding, strength sports, nutrition, etc … where you can participate. Cultugym we are all.

Push, Pull and Legs (PPL)

Then I will talk about a routine that can help you improve your physique, that is the main idea when we go to the gym. There is no ideal routine , but we must try and test until we find something that works for us and above all, change our routines every few times (3-4 weeks) and give a different stimulus to the muscles. I always resort to Old School training because it really seems to me the best way to progress, the classics never go out of style, they trained well, as they should and thus achieved beautiful and symmetrical bodies. Beyond the use of drugs or not.
Let me be clear, the base of your workouts must be made up of basic exercises and you must focus on them so that your progression does not stop. Of course, as I said on many occasions, 70% of the work you should do is after leaving the gym, resting and giving your body enough amounts of food, you really should focus on this last part.

The routine to be followed will be divided into three days, do not do more, they do not pay you to go to the gym, there you go to progress I think. There will come a time when you stagnate and then you may have to change your routine and train 4 or 5 days, if you have a good genetics that allows you a good recovery or you should even go 2 days. And don't be scared by what I'm going to tell you, but you may even have to stop going for a week, the famous download that I mentioned on some occasion. Yes, rest completely !! , your muscles and nervous system will thank you and you will grow again.
When designing your training routine you must focus on several things, one of them is the total volume, excessive volume can "kill" your progression, although there are times when it is good. This is not an exact science. After a long post-competition break that I extended until after the summer, this routine was great , despite its high volume It allowed me not only to go back to my brands, but also to improve them. Another thing that you should focus on is how to plan your sessions, for example as the routine that I present to you, Trón, Push and Legs , (PPL, from now on). Essentially divided into three parts of the movement:

  1. Movements of the upper part that move the weight away from the central part of your body.
  2. Upper body movements that move the weight towards the central part of the body.
  3. Movements that target the lower body.

Lee Labrada

The routine is designed to work the large muscle masses before the small ones, logically by the time they get their turn they have warmed up correctly and thus avoid injuries and the most important thing is that it is stupid to lock the small muscle first and take away from basic exercise , which as we said before should be your priority to keep your earnings active.
This routine was very popular in the 80s-90s by athletes of the stature of Lee Labrada.

The benefits of this routine, a greater rest of the tendons, for example when training pecs, shoulders and triceps in the same day. With another division you would train shoulders after a crushing chest session 48 hours earlier. But hey, there really are many ways to divide routines.









You really don't need more, this is the most basic routine you should use. Three times a week, three sets of each exercise. Between 8-10 rep . With a break of maximum two minutes per series. If you feel strong and only if you recover really well, you can occasionally include an accessory exercise and always after having carried out the training (very important). Focus on improving in those exercises and remember your basic objective for which you step on the gym … IMPROVE !!,As far as I know, nobody pays you to go to the gym more. Finally, if you are one of those lucky people with great recovery, you can also do the following, one day of training, one day of rest, two followed by training and rest, and so on. It would also be good if the days of rest you went out to run a little In order to improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles, it is preferable that you do sprints and even better if it is difficult. You cut series of 10-15 seconds with breaks of approximately 2 minutes.

Little by little you will improve and we will introduce techniques to further complicate the training and never reach the stagnation phase that many suffer.

Robert Förstemann, The Cyclist With The Most Powerful Quadriceps in The World

 Robert Förstemann, the cyclist with the most powerful quadriceps in the world


German Robert Förstemann is one of the best track cycling specialists . During his career he has won an Olympic medal, five in World Championships and eight in Europeans, among other achievements, but, beyond his successes on the velodrome, he is known for his impressive physique. Specifically, for its spectacular quadriceps that have earned it the nickname of Quadzilla .

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IX Edition of The Barbarian Nutrition Summer Muscle Festival



• The Shopping Center becomes the honorary host of one of the most exclusive bodybuilding and fitness championships in Spain this Saturday, August 17.

• Three female and three male categories will compete in different disciplines: men's physique, bikini, figure, wellness, classic physique and bodybuilding.

Malaga, August 14, 2019.-  One more year,  PLAZA MAYOR  will become the international stage of the traditional  Barbarian Nutrition Summer Muscle Festival . The largest bodybuilding and fitness meeting in our country has become a regular on the activities agenda of the mall's Summer Festival . This IX edition will be held on August 17 and will welcome lovers of this discipline at a national and international level, hundreds of participants and followers of this championship will gather around the Plaza Mayor stage.

The 2019 edition of this famous Festival will have three female and three male categories. As  novelties  this year, we highlight the inauguration of the  wellness category , highly demanded by women, which condenses characteristics of the 'bikini' and 'figure' disciplines. "It requires very smooth lines, a good development of the lower body (more developed than that of a bikini competitor, but less than that of a figure), gluteus and legs, narrow waist and clavicular width", indicate from the organization. For this new category, the contest will feature two judges from the American professional league,  PROLEAGUE , and the president of the FNFF (National Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) .

In addition, as always, the Festival organization has prepared different prizes for the winners. Participants will be able to obtain a cash prize that will exceed  € 3,000  through competition in their different disciplines:  men's physique, bikini, figure, wellness, classic physique and bodybuilding . The economic prizes are complemented by the Open Barbarian Nutrition Summer Muscle Festival trophy  , the  Conan Atlantean Swords  for the champions, the  Conan Axes  for the second and third and the  Thor's Hammer  for the best poser of the event. Some characteristic trophies of this competition that the participants receive with pride.

The Barbarian Nutrition Summer Muscle Festival has become a reference in this discipline, becoming one of the most recognized championships at the national level and, therefore, the central axis of the bodybuilding congregation, obtaining the largest number of spectators of this type of events. “We are looking forward to celebrating the IX edition of the Festival. I want to thank Plaza Mayor for hosting this event with such affection once again ” , indicated  Amalia Pérez , responsible for the Festival.

Reception and weigh-in of competitors – 4:00 p.m.
Exhibition and championship – 8:00 p.m.


The Plaza Mayor Shopping Center is the largest shopping and leisure complex in Malaga. It is designed outdoors with a unique architecture inspired by a typical Andalusian town, which makes the visit and shopping experience unrivaled in the region. Its location, located just 2 kilometers from Malaga Airport, makes it an ideal destination for tourists as well as a reference center for all residents in the area of ​​influence, offering the best commercial mix in the region with the presence of most important national and international retail brands. It has a gross leasable area (SBA) of 53,082.37 m2, 57 commercial establishments and parking with capacity for 3,163 vehicles. Further, The shopping center has 43 stores with the Accessibility Mark awarded by the City Council and the Malaga Chamber of Commerce. Sonae Sierra carries out the comprehensive management of Plaza Mayor Property Management.

Informs: Plaza Mayor Communication Office

Cristina Gómez-Rico

Alejandra Dominguez

The Reaction of Some Catalan Sports Federations to The Supreme Court’s Ruling

 The reaction of some Catalan sports federations to the Supreme Court's ruling

The vast majority suspend sports activities in protest

There have been several Catalan sports federations that have reacted to the Supreme Court's ruling on independence leaders.

Sedition conviction: The entire judgment of the Process in PDF

Process Judgment: minute by minute in Barcelona DIRECT

The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia

UFEC has joined the manifesto 'for the rights and freedoms' of civil society in Catalonia

Unió de Federacions@UFECcat

Manifest de sindicats i entitats de la societat civil de Catalunya de resposta a la sentència ‘Pels drets i les llibertats’.

Llistat d’entitats a 

Mostra la imatge al TwitterMostra la imatge al TwitterMostra la imatge al TwitterMostra la imatge al Twitter

THE FEEC: "It is a sentence against democracy"

The federation, which groups hikers in Catalonia, has opposed the Supreme Court's ruling, which condemns social and political leaders. Political and social forces are urged to do whatever it takes to secure fundamental rights and freedoms.



La FEEC en contra de la sentència emesa pel Tribunal Suprem en relació amb el procés obert contra els líders cívics i polítics catalans.

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The Catalan Basketball Federation

Suspends all scheduled activities

FCBQ (des de )@FCBQ


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The Catalan Rugby Federation

It has joined the manifesto 'for the rights and freedoms' of the unions and entities of the civil society of Catalonia

F. Catalana de Rugby@rugby_cat

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The Catalan Swimming Federation

The Catalan Swimming Federation joins the Manifesto 'for the rights and freedoms' of civil society in Catalonia


@nataciocat s'adhereix al Manifest "pels drets i la llibertat" amb @UFECca


Manifest de sindicats i entitats de la societat civil de Catalunya de resposta a la sentència ‘Pels drets i les llibertats’.

Llistat d’entitats a 

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The Catalan Skating Federation

In a statement, he expresses his solidarity with all the convicts and emphasized that the only solution to the conflict was dialogue.

Fed. Cat. Patinatge@FCPatinatge

Comunicat oficial de la Junta Directiva de la @FCPatinatge sobre la sentència condemnatòria als presos polítics i líders socials catalans

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The Catalan Motorcycle Federation

He expresses his profound disagreement with the silence



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Llegeix els altres tuits de l'usuari FCMotociclisme

The Catalan Winter Sports Federation

The Catalan Winter Sports Federation disagrees with the ruling and is committed to dialogue and negotiation


Davant la sentència emesa aquest matí pel Tribunal Suprem, la FCEH vol expressar el seu desacord i mostrar el seu recolzament a les famílies dels presos polítics condemnats. 

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The Catalan Federation of Physical Culture

The Catalan Federation of Physical Culture demands dialogue and solidarity with the families of the prisoners


The Catalan Hockey Federation

The Catalan Hockey Federation says dialogue is the only way to go

Federació CAT Hockey@fcdehockey

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The Catalan Sports Federation of Cerebral Palsy

A new federation makes a statement to answer the judgment in the process. The Catalan Sports Federation of Brain Paralitics manifests disagreement with the ruling, which does not resolve the political conflict, and denounces the injustice faced by all convicted persons.


Comunicat oficial de la FECPC després de conèixer la sentència condemnatòria dictada pel Tribunal Suprem amb relació al procés contra els líders cívics i polítics catalan


Cooking Insects, at -10 C or in Medieval Style, Challenges of The Fifth MasterChef



  • The DPZ launches a tourist office in the medieval keep of Navardún (03/31)
  • Almodóvar del Río recreates from this Friday his medieval past in the VIII 'Souk of the Encantá' (03/31)
  • Almodóvar del Río recreates from this Friday his medieval past in the VIII 'Souk of the Encantá' (03/30)

Barcelona, ​​Apr 6 (EFE) .- Cooking insects, at 10º below zero or in the medieval style, will be some of the challenges that the contestants of the fifth edition of the TVE contest "MasterChef" will face, through which they have passed in five years more than 70,000 applicants.

A former professional soccer player, a punk who worked with Esperanza Aguirre, a former Ohio seminarian, a Jerez banderillero, a Brazilian baker, a national police officer and a world bodybuilding champion will be some of the 50 applicants – six of them Catalan – who They will compete in the first program to get the apron that allows them to cook in this fifth edition.

The motto of this fifth edition is "MasterChef changes your life", and in fact, as those responsible for RTVE and Shine Iberia have explained today, "85% of the contestants have placed the kitchen at the center of their lives".

The fifth will be the most international edition, with two non-EU contestants, and the ages of the applicants range from 22 from the youngest to 65.

More than 60 Michelin stars will share their tricks and secrets, among them the best chefs in Vizcaya, the pastry chefs Xano Saguer, Patricia Smith, Isabel Maestre and Marta Cárdenas; María José San Román (one star), Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas (one star), Javier Aranda, María Marte and Dani García (two stars); Eneko Atxa and Joan Roca (three stars), Martín Berasategui (8 stars) and the French chef Joël Robuchon (28 stars).

The weekly training will be in the hands of the Basque Culinary Center, with the educational program designed for the occasion, and they will also receive master classes from the most renowned chefs such as Eneko Atxa, Dani García, Pepe Solla; they will enter the R&D laboratory of Arzak and receive training on the pairing of the menus with wines by the somelier Josep Roca.

The visible faces of the program, Eva González, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz, have admitted that this is the "most extreme" edition, as the contestants will cook in extreme conditions such as the Aragón ski resort of Aramón Cerler, a 10 degrees below zero; They will travel to the past and cook in the Ponferrada castle in the medieval style, that is, without modern utensils before 200 extras disguised as Templars; Or they will make impossible sweets like a stunning bridal cake or an eleven-layer cake.

Walking through the Alhambra in Granada, you will also have the opportunity to enter the Generalife orchard, where it continues to be cultivated as in the 14th century.

The applicant who has demonstrated his passion and evolution will win the "MasterChef 5" trophy, publish his own recipe book and get 100,000 euros.

The Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián will complete the training of the top three finishers.

The applicants will share their experiences with the finalists of "MasterChef Celebrity" Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Fernando Tejero and Loles León and the winner Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

As professional chefs who pretend to be, designer Jorge Vázquez will give them the opportunity to take care of the dessert table of their exclusive presentation at Madrid Fashion Week before celebrities such as Tamara Falcó, Margarita Vargas, Cari Lapique, Virginia Troconis, Clara Benarroch or Emiliano Suarez.

They will not be the only celebrities who will sneak into this edition, as it will also feature the participation of the singers Antonio Carmona, Pastora Soler, Diana Navarro, Manu Tenorio and José Manuel Soto, the designers Victorio & Lucchino and Laura Pons and the humorists Edu Soto , Sílvia Abril, Millán Salcedo, Pablo Carbonell, The Alcorcón earthquake, El Monaguillo or Leo Harlem.

Although those responsible for RTVE have not wanted to reveal the date of the premiere, they have assured that it will be "soon".